Happy leaders in life and business

Happy leaders in life and business






"Being coached by Romilde pays off from day one, for yourself and therefore also for your team(s)."
Coen Louwerse - CEO
"After completing this course, I can say that I now stand strong as a leader."

Evelien van Schie - Manager Business Operations

"It has brought me focus, calm and great results."
Jordi Hillenga - Marketing Manager

About Romilde

Hi! My name is Romilde van Commenée, a dedicated Leadership Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur. As the founder of The Happy Leader Company, I have a passion for fostering leadership skills and success.

Leadership isn't just my profession - it's who I am. This has led me to author the book "Happy Leader: Lead in a Way That's True to You". This book encapsulates my commitment to authentic leadership, providing guidance for leaders to find their unique voice.

My approach to leadership is rooted in rigorous research and hands-on experience. I believe that effective leadership can only be truly understood through practice. I've had the privilege of guiding over 3000+ leaders across various programs and courses, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in their respective fields. These successes are my proudest achievements, standing as a reflection of my mission to creating 'Happy Leaders' in life and business.

Join me in creating a world where leadership means happiness, authenticity, and success!

Happy Leader 

Exciting news for our international friends and followers!!

The English translation of my book,

"Happy Leader: Lead in a Way That's True to You", is coming soon.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to dive deeper into the world of authentic leadership. I can't wait to share my insights and experiences with a broader audience and continue our journey towards effective and happy leadership together.

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You can book me to speak at your event. This can range from an inspirational talk to a masterclass or training in line with my expertise. Topics like; personal leadership, team dynamics, mindset, online entrepreneurship, and productivity.

Book a call and we can explore the options together!



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"This course has given me a beter grip on things in practice, and it has helped me to progress as a leader."
Erik Dijkman - Operations Manager
"I have gained a lot of insights about myself as a person and my role as a leader. How I can stay true to myself, being confident as a leader, and as a result more easily lead my team."
Karlijn van der Zanden - Region Manager
"The course is very valuable, and as a result, we have started to view the roles and responsibilities within the team differently."

Marenne Baars - Business owner